Glass Bubble Project

If you’re anywhere in the Greater Cleveland area, then you must stop in at the Glass Bubble Project. This tiny little artists’ haven is located near the West Side Market, and you can find unique vases and other glass items for sale here. What’s really amazing is the opportunity to do your own glass work. You can make yourself a paperweight, blow out a cool little bowl for your table, or twist and fold a lovely little sun catcher. They even have classes for kids, and it’s an amazing choice if you want an amazing night out with your friends.

The place is addictive, and many locals will return to the Glass Bubble Project time and again for different occasions. They don’t offer classes when the weather it too hot, so you’ll want to check with them ahead of time. However, they’re open most days for the artists to go in and work, so it’s easy for you to stop by, chat with the crew, say hello to their resident rooster and look at the wonderful wares that are for sale. You’re sure to have some fun, and your friends back home with be amazed that you went to Cleveland and learned the basics of blowing glass.

West Side Market

Visitors from all around the country make time to visit this market when they’re in Cleveland. Whether you want spices from around the globe, fresh produce or the hottest sausage, you’ll find it in these famous halls. Stop for lunch at one of the cafes, and then take your time visiting the different vendors. The people manning the counters are so warm and welcoming that you’ll come out feeling like you made a few friends.

Don’t be surprised if the vendors call out to you to ask what you’re looking for. Some of them love to wheel and deal, so you can have a little fun driving a bargain. The great offerings aren’t limited to meat and produce, either. You can also find some amazing fudge, chocolate dipped confections and divine cakes that will melt in your mouth. Even if you’re getting on a plane and can’t take an order of ribs home with you, it’s still worth the trip to get some unique sweets for your family and take in the overall atmosphere. Be sure to explore the area immediately around the market, also. There are some great restaurants, and artists’ shops nearby.

Rock N Roll Meets Science

Drew Carey stated that Cleveland Rocks because the city is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. What’s really cool is that the amazing Great Lake Science Center is right next door. They’re located in the heart of downtown on the shores of Lake Erie.

Spend an afternoon taking a trip down memory lane by looking at displays of memorabilia from the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Elvis. They induct five to seven performers every year, so the list of exhibits is always growing. In addition to taking a walking tour of the guitars, concert outfits and other items, you’ll also find plenty of videos and movies so you can relive some of the glory days.

The Great Lakes Science Center is right next door, and it’s not just for kids. They have an IMAX movie theater and an incredible range of interactive displays. They also do special adult-only events, so be sure to check their calendar before you visit. You just might be able to take advantage of an open bar while you’re learning more about pulleys, objects in motion, electricity and all the other scientific phenomena that make our world so great. If you are traveling with younger kids, then plan on giving this attraction a full day so your children can really enjoy the interactive play areas.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Most cities have a zoo, but Cleveland takes it a step further. This facility boasts a traditional zoo and rainforest, and area residents go to enjoy a day with the animals regardless of the weather. The zoo features animals from all over the world, so you can take a walk with koalas in the Australian Adventure or head up to the Northern Trek for a closer look at wolves. Waterfowl Lake is a prime spot for enjoying your picnic lunch, and that Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building has both indoor and outdoor exhibits of animals. Stop in on the African Savanna to feed a giraffe, and take in a show so that you can learn more about the animals.

On a cold winter day in Cleveland, nothing feels better than the rainforest. It’s always hot in the jungle, so they provide racks for you to hang up your coat and gloves when you arrive. There are simulated rainstorms and exhibits specially designed for diurnal and nocturnal animals. As you walk through the building, take time to enjoy the amazing displays of orchids and other tropical plants. You can also have lunch at their cafe and take a stroll through the gift shop. The Rainforest and Zoo are two separate attractions housed on the same campus, so you’ll need a separate ticket for each venue.

A Tribute to the Movies

A Christmas Story is a classic movie, and the house that was used in the movie was located in the heart of Cleveland. Also known as Ralphie’s House, the property was purchased in 2004 and renovated to perfectly match the 1983 film. Right across the street, you’ll find a museum that pays homage to this classic film.

The museum features a range of props from the movie, and visitors can learn all types of little fun facts and bits of trivia about this cult classic. Items here are under glass to protect and preserve them, but the 1940’s home is set up a little differently.

The entire house is designed to be interactive, so kids love stopping in for a tour. You don’t just walk through and look at the bed that “Ralphie” slept on, you can actually lie down on it. Tour guides remind people that the entire home is interactive, so you can go ahead and turn on the leg lamp in the window, crawl under the sink like Randy, and check out the decoder ring. If you enjoy watching A Christmas Story every year, then you’ll want to add this to your list of places to see.